"Huge in japan" is Dario's Dance / Electronica / Latin project.

Over jazz foundations Dario layers the grime and groove of New York and London, the heart beats of Brazil, the rituals of Argentina and the mother tongues of Africa. Energy in its purest form, Dario harnesses his discipline into sharp musical choreography with an unmistakably mischievous edge.

For Huge in Japan Dario teams up with inspired musicians from around the globe. Collaborators include Acid jazz pioneer Ronny Jordan on guitar, three time Grammy Award winner Antonio Sanchez on drums, Jorge Pardo on flute, Luis Quintero on percussion, and Gregoire Maret on harmonica among others.

As his New York audiences can attest, Dario’s music excites both the revelers in the middle of the dance floor and the avid listeners on the side.