Hi everybody, 

Fist at all, I would like to thank you for visiting this page and showing interest on this unique and challenging endeavor.
Limelight is a brand new project and the album has been released on December 2nd 2014 under Circular Moves/Sunnyside Records.


This is a very special album, probably my most challenging and personal one I have made. For the first time, I will gather only some of my very close friends and feature their talents. ". 

Since the artists involved come for different artist backgrounds, there will be different styles of music involved.This album embraces  Jazz, Tango, Latin, World and Electronica music . 


The album  features Latin Grammy Winner pianist and composer Fernando Otero, 4 times Grammy Winner drummer Antonio Sanchez, Vibraphone player Christos Rafalides , Gary Foote, Andres Rotmistrovsky ,Pablo Aslan on bass , Bandoneon player JP Jofre and DR. S. Karthick on  Indian Percussion.

Stay tuned and I hope you'll the album like as much as I enjoyed doing it. 

Truly yours,

Dario Boente.